Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rainbows & Sunshines Baby Shower

Now who doesn't love sunshines and rainbows? A friend came to me needing help with her "bestie's" baby shower and we came up with this very cheery theme. Here is some eye candy from the event.

Amanda Hamilton over at Pink Lotus Photography graciously took these pictures for us. Amanda has an amazing deal on Wonton right now - $39 for 1 hour of on location shooting anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Oh, the possibilities!

All the Sunshine Printables were designed by Dimple Prints. I used them for Table Confetti, Lollipop Art, and Cupcake Toppers. They have a jam packed with goodness Etsy shop too.

I found wonderful Rainbow Printables over at The TomKat Studio that I used on the Candy Buffet Tags. Also found wonderful freebies at The Shy Socialittles that I used around the tables and on the lollipops. 
Well this post is definitely overdue! I have recently got a chance to work at a local Entertainment Company/ Record Label as a Booking Agent which is super exciting, but Savor It Events has been put on the back burner because of it. Once I get the swing of things over at my new job I'll be doing more events over here. Anyways!, hope this brought you some cheeriness :) Up next is some great things for my "bestie" for her baby due in August.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

1920's Soiree

Everybody loves a dress up party .. if you don't then you're cuckoo. I threw a 1920's party for my birthday back in September. It was held at Arundel Mansion in New Westminster .. a perfect little place full of vintage charm. There is a hotel above it which is absolutely amazing, you feel like you have stepped back into the 20's. We brought in all our own food (it is complete with a fully stocked kitchen with two ovens, freezers, a huge fridge etc etc) and all of the guests were allowed to bring their own alcohol .. yes, you can't find that very often. It was the perfect venue and hope to use it again!
We also played a Murder Mystery Game while drinking and eating. Theresa was the murderer, sneaky, sneaky.
Pretty necklace Brandon!
 Not sure what is going on here.
1920's flat screen TV.

T'was a great night. If you'd like a soiree similar to this created for you, drop me a line because everybody loves some mystery in their life!

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Monday, 6 February 2012

Beer Bash - Part Two

Here's a couple previews of decor from Brandon's Beer Bash. I grabbed some neat vintage beer ads to throw on the desert table for some eye candy. Also made a pretty (but still manly enough) flower centrepiece using beer bottles we had around the house. Flowers in beer bottles actually turned out surprisingly nice! -

With every invitation there was a request included that asked for each guest to bring a chilled 6-pack of Ale, Lager or Stout/Dark for tasting.
I set up a tasting station with bins full of ice for each beer category. There was also a contest for best brew of the night.. there was some great beers in the running.
Well that's it for now- I'm excited to say that my next event will be a baby shower. Yay! Just deciding on a cutesy theme :)
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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Beer Bash - Part One

This party was really what got me going on this blog. I loved planning every detail and had so much fun doing it. Let's start with the invites which I'm still in love with. The beer bash idea was brewing (pun intended) in my head months before Brandon's 25th. I needed the proper invitation, something that wasn't just the regular Facebook invite. Where do I always start when looking for something creative? Etsy of course! I couldn't find any beer themed invites that I really loved so I sent a custom request to Betsy at B. Nute Productions and my oh my did she come through with this perfect invite. Seriously, go take a peek at her shop - she has the best designs. Take a look at the invite - 

"Quarter Century Lager" (has quite a nice ring to it I must say) was also written on the custom cake. I took one of Brandon's favourite brews - Phillips Blue Buck - and ran with that design. The cake didn't only look amazing, it was delicious chocolate hazelnut made with modelling chocolate instead of funky tasting fondant. I got it made at Casa Del Pane in Newport Village, Port Moody. Here it is (not the best picture and I only wish you all could have a tasted it) -

Part two - including some decor details coming tomorrow.

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