Monday, 6 February 2012

Beer Bash - Part Two

Here's a couple previews of decor from Brandon's Beer Bash. I grabbed some neat vintage beer ads to throw on the desert table for some eye candy. Also made a pretty (but still manly enough) flower centrepiece using beer bottles we had around the house. Flowers in beer bottles actually turned out surprisingly nice! -

With every invitation there was a request included that asked for each guest to bring a chilled 6-pack of Ale, Lager or Stout/Dark for tasting.
I set up a tasting station with bins full of ice for each beer category. There was also a contest for best brew of the night.. there was some great beers in the running.
Well that's it for now- I'm excited to say that my next event will be a baby shower. Yay! Just deciding on a cutesy theme :)
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