Wednesday, 15 February 2012

1920's Soiree

Everybody loves a dress up party .. if you don't then you're cuckoo. I threw a 1920's party for my birthday back in September. It was held at Arundel Mansion in New Westminster .. a perfect little place full of vintage charm. There is a hotel above it which is absolutely amazing, you feel like you have stepped back into the 20's. We brought in all our own food (it is complete with a fully stocked kitchen with two ovens, freezers, a huge fridge etc etc) and all of the guests were allowed to bring their own alcohol .. yes, you can't find that very often. It was the perfect venue and hope to use it again!
We also played a Murder Mystery Game while drinking and eating. Theresa was the murderer, sneaky, sneaky.
Pretty necklace Brandon!
 Not sure what is going on here.
1920's flat screen TV.

T'was a great night. If you'd like a soiree similar to this created for you, drop me a line because everybody loves some mystery in their life!

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